Green Kitchen App Review

13 May

I still have one more recipe that I plan to post from the Green Kitchen app but I figured that I could give you the low down on the app anyways. To be honest, I have had this app for a few months before I decided to post a review of it. I wasn’t thrilled with the app at first, but I kept finding myself looking through it because the recipes sounded so good. I was drawn to it because everything was so healthy and they used a lot of lentils, which was something that I have been trying to eat more of. So I took the plunge and decided to make a week’s worth of recipes.

Overall, I thought the recipes were great. Everything was light and delicious, even the heartier meals. I loved that I got to try new foods like beluga lentils. Like any cookbook, there were recipes that were not as appealing, but overall I think it was worth the money.

The top reason why I liked the app:

  • The food is delicious and healthy. None of the recipes called for a lot of oil or cheese, instead using great spices to flavor dishes.
  • The meals are reasonably fast to prepare. If you’re looking for healthy and quick meals that won’t break the bank, this app will not disappoint. Unlike most vegetarian recipes, these do not require ingredients that are hard to find or at least hard to substitute.
  • They update the app with new recipes. I don’t know exactly how often they update, but I’ve had at least two updates since purchasing the app. Unfortunately I can’t tell which recipes are new because of how the app is designed.
  • Aesthetically it’s a beautifully designed app. I know that’s a silly reason to like it but just so pretty that I loved using it.

A few things that I didn’t like about the app:

  • Despite being beautiful, the recipe index page is difficult to use. Since the index page only has pictures of the recipes and no names, it can be hard to find a recipe if you don’t remember what it looks like.
  • The directions can be a little hard to follow. I feel confident that I’m able to follow a recipe pretty easily, but there were times where I had to reread the directions. I think the directions could be written a little more clearly.

You can purchase the Green Kitchen app at the iTunes Store.

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  1. judy May 13, 2013 at 12:28 PM #

    good, informative information. thanlks

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